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Road Striping And Markings

Parking Lot Striping

Our expert crews have combined years of experience in the lay-out and painting of game courts, parking lots, warehouses and parking garages.  We use the finest airless painting equipment available along with the most durable striping materials.

Stripe Removal

Pavement markings need to be removed for a number of reasons. Road configurations may need to change to accommodate traffic patterns, preparation for paving projects or temporary changes to meet construction needs.  Methods to remove striping vary according to the particular surface and type of striping to be removed.  We utilize low speed carbide cutting, high-speed carbide cutting and steel shot blasting.  Some equipment is vacuum shrouded to insure all dust and debris is contained to protect the environment.  Whatever method is used to accomplish removal, be assured we are prepared to make the proper assessment of your site.

Reflective Markers

Reflective pavement markers, originally referred to as Zotts Dots by their inventor are about three fourths of an inch tall and reflective on one or two sides.  These come in a variety of colors dictated by their intended purpose.  They can be surface mounted, recessed into the surface to avoid damage or some are designed to be used in areas that are frequented by snowplows.  We are well versed in the installation of any type of marker.

Extruded Concrete Curb

Referred to as drainage curb by DOT’s, this is a curb that is poured in place on the pavement surface to meet grade fluctuations.  It can be installed on an asphalt or concrete surface.  Generally it is used as a parking lot curb to border landscape areas or underneath the guardrail on a highway to divert water to a catch basin, thus the name drainage curb.  It is attached to the surface with a bonding agent to ensure strength and a watertight seal.  It is highly recommended that an epoxy be used for this purpose.  We are equipped with the knowledge, expertise and equipment to perform this valuable task.

Paint Striping:
The most commonly used method for delineating a roadway. Paint may be applied to any type of roadway or airport runway surface with a useful service life of about one-year, depending on ADT (average daily traffic). We utilize airless painting equipment and video guidance systems to generate the highest quality marking.

Considered a durable pavement marking, thermoplastic is applied in hot liquid form at 400 – 440 degrees.  Manual pushcart or long line truck can apply it. Application methods range from spray, extrusion or ribbon.  Thickness varies depending on method from 40 to 120 mils.  Extrusion methods also allow the introduction of profiles to the surface of markings, creating an audible warning for drivers.  Thermoplastic may be installed at temperatures above 45 degrees.  Another common use for thermoplastic is legend markings, i.e. arrows, stop bars crosswalks.  These are accomplished with manual pushcarts or the use of legend spray equipment, as appropriate.  We are pleased to be one of the few contractors to offer such a broad range of thermoplastic choices.

Cold Applied Tape:
Tapes, such as that manufactured by the 3-M company are quite durable. Installation method is also quite varied.  This material may be rolled into the hot asphalt during the paving operation, grooved into the roadway surface with specialized cutting equipment or pressed onto the surface.  Some of these materials have patterned or textured surfaces to enhance their reflectivity.  We are fortunate to be able to offer expertise in all of these application techniques.

Methyl Methacrylate (MMA):
The “Cadillac” of durable pavement markings, this is a plural component marking material requiring highly technical and specialized equipment.  Its durability has been proven in some of the most demanding regions, maintaining presence for as much as 10 years.  MMA also has a distinct advantage in that it may be applied at much lower temperatures than other products.  As with other materials, MMA can be applied by spray or extrusion, also with profiles to enhance driver warning of lane incursion.  An application method is available to create a wet nighttime reflective stripe.  Its use also includes legends such as crosswalks, stop bars and arrows.  As with long lines, these may be sprayed or extruded, as appropriate.  We are heavily invested with providing all aspects of this very durable material.